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Invitation Letter and Visum Information

by Michael Hoffmann last modified Apr 21, 2011 02:49 PM

What to do if you need a letter of invitation in order to apply for a visum.

You may need a visum to enter Switzerland; please check the Swiss regulations.  Note that  Switzerland is part of the Schengen area since December 2008, that is, a Schengen visum is valid to enter Switzerland.

On request, the organizers send to you a letter of invitation for ICALP 2011, provided that you are author of a paper that has been accepted to ICALP 2011 or - at least - you could have been such an author, which most likely means that you are a more or less established member of the TCS community.

In such a case please first check with the embassy or consulate where you plan to apply for a visum, whether you need a letter of invitation and - if so - in which format. Some embassies require the letter to be sent from us to them directly, whereas in other places you have to provide a (paper) letter that we have to send to you via snail mail.

Once you know what is needed, please contact the organizers, for instance, via, and provide the following information:

  • Last Name
  • First Name(s)
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth (city/province/country)
  • citizenship
  • Passport number and issue date
  • Affiliation (incl. postal address)
  • Title of the paper that has been accepted
  • Fax Number or postal address, which the letter is to be sent to
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